Welcome to Drivehaven – the place for petrolheads

Make Motoring Fun Again

Motoring used to be fun and there are still some great roads in the UK that we motorist can enjoy. However, speed cameras, parking restrictions, traffic jams etc all conspire to spoil our simple pleasures.

anderson_mini_cub a fun car - will I ever grow up?
anderson_mini_cub a fun car – will I ever grow up?

Drivehaven hopes to change all that and make motoring fun again. How? I hear you asking. Well initially we intend researching some of the best roads for driving in the UK and letting you all know where they are and what they offer.

We will follow that up with planned trips, organised to be completed in a day and give you the pleasure of meeting and interacting with like minded people. Initial thoughts are the development of simple (or complicated) treasure hunts where families can enjoy the day as well. We are already in the process of developing an app to facilitate this.

The Car Reviews

Another area of interest is car reviews. Whilst I love shows like Top Gear and The Grand Tour, the cars are way out of my price range. We will review the second hand car market and look for fun cars that will make our treasure hunts more fun. The Anderson Mini Cub pictured above is a good example, sold on eBay this week for around £8000 it is of course totally impractical but it’s fun!


To make this work we would welcome the input from any volunteers. We need authors to write up their experiences on some of the great drives. We need people with twisted brains to develop questions for the treasure hunts – so if you like crosswords, get in touch. Photographers, videographers, in fact. anyone with skills they think may be useful please contact us .