RAC rolls out mobile tyre-fitting service at 10 locations across the UK

Britain’s most experienced breakdown provider is launching its new mobile tyre fitting service across 10 key city and urban centres as they gear-up to deal with over 120,000 ‘puncture no spare’ breakdowns in 2014.

RAC Patrol vans

Together with battery and electrical faults, damaged tyres and wheels top the list of breakdowns for modern vehicles and can result in a huge inconvenience for motorists. The RAC has seen the problem compounded by the state or our roads recognised by 84% of drivers* who report that the condition of local roads is deteriorating. In 2013 the RAC dealt with 356,927 puncture and tyre breakdowns which equates to 14% of all call-outs. The added confusion of manufacturers removing the spare wheel from new cars to reduce the weight to comply with EU emission targets ensures the odds really are stacked up against drivers.

In response the RAC has recruited a team of tyre patrols to operate the fleet of 10 dedicated tyre vans which will enable them to respond to the growing number of motorists who are left stranded in the event of a puncture as 50% of new cars being sold now do not come equipped with a spare wheel as standard. Normal RAC patrols do a great job of fixing the majority of punctures at the roadside or by using the RAC’s pioneering new universal wheel, but our this new tyre-fitting service will complement the experienced patrol force.

The vans are supplied by Mercedes based on the successful Sprinter model and fitted out by the RAC’s technical team with the latest puncture and tyre-replacement equipment, a full-tool kit and stocked with a wide selection of the most popular makes and sizes. The team are supported by the RAC’s regional network of tyre suppliers and will be able to respond swiftly to tyre-related breakdowns.

RAC Patrol man fixing a tyreRAC head of technical Phil Ryan said: “The RAC’s new dedicated fleet of mobile tyre-fitting patrols will ensure that we can respond to the growing number of members and motorists who suffer a puncture only to discover their car does not carry a spare.

Suffering a puncture is a very common problem and we wanted to be able to offer motorists an effective solution which would enable them to get back on the road in the shortest time possible.

“Our mobile tyre-fitting service will cover many of the key city and urban centres and enable us to respond at the roadside to the greatest number of tyre-related breakdowns. We have developed the service in response to demand from our members who welcome the benefit of a fast and reliable mobile replacement tyre service.

RAC Patrol man fixing a tyre at the roadside
“Our normal RAC patrols do a great job of fixing the majority of punctures at the roadside or by using the RAC’s pioneering new universal wheel, but this new tyre-fitting service complements our experienced patrol force and ensures that we have the right solution for our members to keep them moving.”

In December 2013 the RAC rolled out its acclaimed universal spare wheel to all of its 1,600 patrol vehicles after a successful trial period in the South West. The RAC universal spare wheel is another key innovation to save motorists and businesses time and money. The patrol simply replaces the punctured wheel with a multi-fit wheel developed by the RAC, avoiding the timely process of towing the motorist to a tyre centre, allowing them to continue on their journey to their destination. They can then arrange for their original tyre to be repaired or replaced at their

convenience, leaving the RAC’s universal spare with the tyre centre to be collected later by the patrol.



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Note to Editors:

* The RAC Report on Motoring 2013.

Eighteen brand new tyre vehicles have been introduced across key urban and city demographic locations including: Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Leicester, Northampton, Bristol, Gatwick, Chingford, Swanley and Heathrow.

In 2013 the RAC dealt with 93,000 vehicles where the motorist suffered a puncture but had no spare wheel. They expect to deal with 120,000 in 2014 and over 250,000 in 2015 as more and more new vehicles are sold without a spare wheel.  The RAC has been campaigning to urge dealers to ensure that buyers are made aware when their vehicle does no come supplied with a spare wheel as standard.

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Key facts:

  • RAC patrols fix four out of five vehicles at the roadside and on an average within 37 minutes
  • The RAC has more patrols per member than any other breakdown provider
  • 98% of members would recommend RAC Rescue to their friends and family

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