Porche 944 review

The Review

We plan to review cars when there is one for sale on eBay in the week the review is published. A Porsche 944 is currently for sale at £2200 and can be found her here

OK the review is by an American but it seems to be legitimate and, until we’re established, nobody is going to lend us their car for a review.

Upgraded from the 924 a new 2.5-litre slant-four engine that was developed from the 928’s V8 proved just what was needed to give the front-engined model a genuine boost. The 944 shared the 924’s profile, looking like a smoothed-out 924 Carrera GT – and that was enough to give the new car genuine road presence.

the ultimate 944 was the Turbo. It was launched in 1985, and meant the front-engined Porsche was knocking on the door of the 911 in terms of performance. Its 2.5-litre engine was boosted by almost 60bhp, which went in tandem with an upgraded clutch and gearbox. The Turbo looked the part, with new front and rear styling  helping to justify the price increase over the standard car.

The car for sale is a standard 944 but in 1988, the Turbo SE was introduced, upping power to 250bhp thanks to the fitment of a larger turbo. The transmission was further beefed up, a limited-slip diff was standard, brakes were uprated and Koni dampers were fitted. This turned the excellent 944 into a near-brilliant sports car.

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